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The River of News is an aggregation of news feeds about environment-related topics from a wide variety of sources. While SEJ selects the individual feeds, SEJ does not select the stories that the feeds provide. SEJ neither endorses nor bears responsibility for their content. They are provided as a service to SEJ members who many want to glean story ideas from them. SEJ urges all users to check the accuracy of assertions made in these feeds.

The feeds in the River of News span many content types — from professional news services and newspaper blogs to government agency press releases and public relations or activist group releases. Some are grouped topically. You can see a list of feed categories in the dark grey box to the right.

  • A judge has invalidated the local ordinance that Kaui passed to restrict the use of pesticides on genetically engineered crops. As I wrote back in October, when the law passed: Hawaii is a key part of the plant-development process for seed...
    1 week 7 hours ago
  • When it comes to kid-friendly advertising, some brands get a little too friendly. Lucky the Leprechaun claims to want to keep kids away from his dangerously sugary cereal, but we suspect he’s a double-agent whose real goal is to sell children...
    1 week 9 hours ago
  • Matthew Schmit Tofu Shop Specialty Foods Arcata, Calif. Californians may bristle at tofu being representative of their state. To which we say: Get over it! Besides, tofu made its American debut in the Golden State: The first tofu processor in the...
    1 week 9 hours ago