Application for Membership

  1. SEJ does not make eligibility decisions based on race, religion, gender, national origin or sexual orientation.
  2. To join, US and Canada: $40 ($15 Mexico and $25 students) covers first year dues. NOTE: All prices are in US funds.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please check this page to study SEJ's membership policies and bylaws. If after reading SEJ's eligibility criteria you believe you qualify for membership, please complete the form. Note that individuals working in professional public-relations concerning environmental issues, or as paid lobbyists, are not eligible for membership in SEJ. Journalists, professors and students, and those working in areas closely related to journalism are eligible who are not engaged in paid public relations work are eligible for membership in SEJ.
Your application will be sent to SEJ when you click the "Submit" link at the end. Upon submitting, a confirmation page should open. Please read the brief message on this page, because it will tell you about SEJ's application screening process.
If you are determined to be eligible for membership and your application is accepted, SEJ will email you a link to pay for your first-year dues at the new-member discount rate.

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Not for publication. Your home phone would only be called if SEJ must contact you and is unable to reach you via email or work phone.
If you answer yes, go to the next question. If no, consider questions 2 and 3 with regard to your primary employer as well as your own work.
If you answered yes to the previous question, type N/A.
SEJ bylaws preclude from membership persons who engage in lobbying or public relations work relating to environmental issues and preclude from ACTIVE membership persons whose employer engages in lobbying or public relations work relating to environmental issues. SEJ defines lobbying as professional work primarily designed to influence legislation or government regulations. SEJ defines public relations as professional work on behalf of an organization, institution or business that promotes its views on issues affecting the organization, institution or business. It often involves issuing press releases to the media or other forms of outreach. If yes, we regret that you are not eligible for membership in SEJ. You are, however, welcome to subscribe to SEJ's quarterly newsletter, SEJournal, and to attend annual conferences at a special subscriber's discount rate. Find subscription information here: If you answered no, please go to the next question.
If no, please go to the next question. If yes, you will most likely be eligible for SEJ's associate category if other criteria for membership are met. Associate membership differs from active membership only with respect to the annual board elections. Associate members vote only for associate candidates and run only for the associate position on the board.
If yes, you are most likely eligible for SEJ's Academic category if other criteria for membership are met. Academic membership differs from Active only concerning board elections. Academic members vote only for Academic candidates and run only for the Academic board position.
Academic applicants only. All others, key N/A.
Logged in? Your profile biography will automatically appear. Please list any books, awards, special reports or other work you have done that you'd like us to be aware of.
This is a pilot program and only available in some states in the U.S.
Through its interactions with members including periodic surveys, SEJ has learned that members at varying stages of their career have different objectives for their SEJ membership. If you feel this applies to you, please tell us what age group you fit into.
If you had a personal recommendation, please list the recommender's name.
By clicking "I agree," I affirm that the information provided on this form is true and complete. I understand and agree that the Board of Directors retains sole authority in determining eligibility for membership in any category. I understand and agree that continuing eligibility depends upon my employment being acceptable for membership by the terms of the SEJ bylaws, and upon my returning a completed survey each year to the membership committee. I understand and agree that if I engage in professional activity which renders me ineligible for membership in SEJ, I will notify the membership committee to withdraw my name from membership. I further understand and agree that, upon becoming a member of SEJ, I will abide by the policies of the Society of Environmental Journalists.