DEADLINE: East-West Center's Senior Journalists Seminar

Event Date: 
May 10, 2017

Dates:  Aug 23-Sep 15, 2017

Study Destinations:  Washington, DC; Minneapolis, MN; Manila/Cotabato City, Philippines; Istanbul, Turkey

Who Can Apply: Media professionals from print, broadcast, and online news organizations, including reporters, writers, editors, producers, columnists, bloggers, and editorial writers with a minimum of ten years of experience are eligible to apply. The Senior Journalists Seminars will include a total of 12-16 journalists from the United States and countries with substantial Muslim populations. Of the total journalists selected, SEVEN-ELEVEN will cover foreign and diplomatic relations, security, military affairs, domestic politics and government or religion and FIVE will cover the arts and/or culture, including race and/or minority issues.

See website for more, including funding details.

Deadline: May 10, 2017
**The East-West Center strongly encourages you to submit your application materials early in case the Selection Committee has concerns or questions.**

Event Details
Contact Name: 
Liz A. Dorn, Program Coordinator, Seminars
Contact Email:
East-West Center
Phone Number: 
(808) 944-7368