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Toolbox: Fracking Resources (SEJ/McCormick Specialized Reporting Institute on Shale Gas and Oil Development, June 2014)

Video coverage is available for the SEJ-hosted SRI on Shale Gas and Oil Development in Pittsburgh, PA., which helped journalists understand the legal, scientific, health and economic issues surrounding shale gas and oil development, and give them the context needed so that they can better inform their communities about these important topics.

Toolbox: Data Resources for Dams, Impoundments, and Levees

Water control structures — dams, locks, weirs, reservoirs, impoundments, and levees — are a gold mine of environmental stories. They affect not only the quality of life in human communities, but also the integrity of ecosystems. There are a variety of databases and data resources that can help reporters get a better grip on the many stories that center on dams and levees.


This live online reference service allows you to chat with a librarian any time of day or night. You are provided with a transcript and outgoing links, as well as follow up, referral, and one-stop reporting tools for all types of reference services.


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