"Canada's PM Stephen Harper Faces Revolt By Scientists"

"Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, faces a widening revolt by the country's leading scientists against sweeping cuts to government research labs and broadly pro-industry policies. The scientists plan to march through Ottawa in white lab coats on Tuesday in the second big protest in a month against the Harper government's science and environmental agenda."

Source: Guardian, 07/10/2012

"Oh Canada: The Government's Broad Assault on the Environment"

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has been weakening Canada’s environmental regulations and slashing funds for oversight and research — all while promoting aggressive resource development. Critics warn these unprecedented actions pose a major threat to the nation’s vast natural heritage."

Source: YaleE360, 07/04/2012

"Enbridge Can't Say If Federal Cuts Would Undermine Oil Spill Response"

"OTTAWA — Alberta-based Enbridge can't say what impact millions of dollars in cuts to federal environmental emergency staff would have on its oil-spill response plan for the Northern Gateway pipeline project, even though the plan relies partly on federal help if a spill were to occur."

Source: Postmedia, 06/28/2012

Canada Minister Sees New Tools To 'Authorize' Water Pollution

"OTTAWA -- Changes to Canada's environmental protection laws in the federal budget implementation bill will offer new tools to 'authorize' water pollution, while allowing the government to outsource services to protect the country's waterways, says Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield."

Source: Postmedia, 06/26/2012

"Sea Sick: Another Virus Crashes Canada’s Salmon Farms"

"Last month a virus broke out in several open water salmon farms in British Columbia that has the region’s fish farm owners scrambling to mitigate their losses."

"Called infectious hematopoietic necrosis (IHN), the rabies-like virus was found among salmon in floating net pens belonging to Mainstream Canada, the biggest producer in the region. As a result, B.C. farms culled over 500,000 fish infected with IHN, which spreads rapidly and can kill up to 100 percent of a fish farm’s population. And it’s just the latest disease scandal to hit the province’s salmon farming industry.

Source: Grist, 06/19/2012

Groups Fight Back After Conservatives Try To Dilute Environmental Laws

"Discord between the Tories and environmentalists began when the federal natural resources minister maligned environmental groups as radicals. It escalated with the introduction of Bill C-38, a package of new laws, some directly targeting charities and environmental protections. Now it’s war.

Source: Vancouver Sun, 06/11/2012


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