Tropical Storm Erika Expected To Strengthen as It Speeds Toward Bahamas

"Tropical Storm Erika formed  Monday night, the fifth named storm of the 2015 hurricane season. While Hurricane Danny struggled to maintain its intensity as it battled the hostile Atlantic environment, Tropical Storm Erika could prove to have more stamina, and is forecast to strengthen into a Category 1 hurricane by the time it reaches the Bahamas this weekend."

Source: Wash Post, 08/26/2015

Black Markets in China Still Driving Tiniest Porpoise to Extinction

"Here’s a sobering update on efforts in Mexico, Hong Kong and mainland China to stave off the extinction of the vaquita, a critically endangered porpoise inhabiting Mexican waters at the north end of the Gulf of California that is the world’s smallest, and rarest, cetacean."

Source: Dot Earth, 08/25/2015

From Venezuela to Iraq to Russia, Oil Price Drops Raise Fears of Unrest

"Oil, the lifeblood of many countries that produce and sell it, appears to be rapidly turning into an ever-cheaper economic curse. A year ago, the international price per barrel of oil was about $103. By Monday, the price was about $42, roughly 6 percent lower than on Friday."

Source: NY Times, 08/25/2015


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