Climate Guru Hansen Warns Of Much Worse Than Expected Sea Level Rise

"The current rate of global warming could raise sea levels by “several meters” over the coming century, rendering most of the world’s coastal cities uninhabitable and helping unleash devastating storms, according to a paper published by James Hansen, the former NASA scientist who is considered the father of modern climate change awareness."

Source: Guardian, 03/22/2016

"As Coal’s Future Grows Murkier, Banks Pull Financing"

As coal stocks plummet and a growing number of coal companies face bankruptcy, large banks are increasingly taking their money out of coal investments.

"Tens of thousands of miners were on strike and coal prices were skyrocketing in October 1902. Afraid of unrest, President Theodore Roosevelt sought the help of John Pierpont Morgan.

The powerful banker, who held great sway over the coal industry, brokered a deal with the miners that ended the strike.

Source: NY Times, 03/21/2016


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