"NASA Takes 23,000-Foot View Of The World's Coral Reefs"

"Coral reefs have almost always been studied up close, by scientists in the water looking at small portions of larger reefs to gather data and knowledge about the larger ecosystems. But NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is taking a step back and getting a wider view, from about 23,000 feet above."

Source: AP, 06/09/2016

"Obama and India’s Modi Promise Deals On Climate Change And Energy"

"The leaders of India and the United States vowed Tuesday to ratify the Paris climate accord this year, pledged to nail down terms for limiting a potent greenhouse gas used as a refrigerant in air conditioners, and set a one-year deadline for concluding a deal for six commercial nuclear power plants."

Source: Wash Post, 06/08/2016

"Climate Change Will Be A Priority In Talks With Modi: U.S."

"'Advancing the ambitious climate change and clean energy agenda' and 'further enhancing our security and diplomatic cooperation across the Indo-Pacific region,' would be the focus of discussions between India and the U.S during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit this week, a State Department official told The Hindu."

Source: The Hindu, 06/07/2016


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