"Obama Nobel Peace Prize Lecture: Climate Security Essential"

"OSLO -- President Barack Obama accepted the 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace at a ceremony today at Oslo City Hall. Delivering a Nobel lecture focused on the uses and limits of military force in creating a worldwide just and lasting peace, President Obama underlined the importance of environmental protection."

Source: ENS, 12/11/2009

"U.S. Pushes for Emissions Cuts From China, Developing Nations"

"Two top Obama administration officials arrived Wednesday at the U.N.-sponsored climate talks that opened this week offering both diplomacy and a tough line: The United States is willing to be a full partner in fighting climate change, but the real problem is with China and the developing world."

Source: Wash Post, 12/10/2009

Journal Publishes Series on Health Effects of Climate Change

A consortium of US and British agencies, universities, and organizations published a series of studies in The Lancet that analyzed a number of specific situations involving climate change and health impacts, in countries rich and poor. Concurrently, a group of doctors from around the world launched the International Climate and Health Council.


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