"Obama, Hu Agree to Combat Climate Change, Urged to Do More"

"Presidents Barack Obama and Hu Jintao of China, who is in Washington on an official state visit, said in a joint statement this afternoon that they 'view climate change and energy security as two of the greatest challenges of our time.' In an open letter today, U.S. environmental leaders urged the presidents to adopt 'a wartime-like mobilization' to cut greenhouse gas emissions."

Source: ENS, 01/20/2011

"Amoebas Found In Treated Drinking Water Worldwide"

"In industrialized nations, people expect their drinking water to be pathogen free, thanks to treatment facilities that filter and disinfect the water. However, after reviewing 26 studies from 18 countries, two scientists conclude that some amoeba species called free-living amoebas (FLA) consistently survive these treatments and quickly multiply in drinking-water distribution and storage systems. Given their potential to spread disease, these microbes are a human health risk that demands further study, the researchers say."

Source: C&EN, 01/13/2011


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