"Can Eating Less Meat Curb Climate Change?"

"That hamburger in the hand of so many Americans does have global implications. Our meat-eating habits can impact the tropical rainforests and savannas -- and ultimately the atmosphere. Livestock may contribute some 18 percent of greenhouse gases -- and that matters for both the 1 billion hungry and 1.6 billion overweight people on the planet."

Source: Daily Climate, 01/21/2011

"Obama, Hu Agree to Combat Climate Change, Urged to Do More"

"Presidents Barack Obama and Hu Jintao of China, who is in Washington on an official state visit, said in a joint statement this afternoon that they 'view climate change and energy security as two of the greatest challenges of our time.' In an open letter today, U.S. environmental leaders urged the presidents to adopt 'a wartime-like mobilization' to cut greenhouse gas emissions."

Source: ENS, 01/20/2011


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