Agenda for SEJ's 26th Annual Conference

We head to Sacramento in California, the Land of Extremes and Home of Big Dreams, for Environmental Journalism 2016, hosted by Capital Public Radio and UC Davis. Don't delay — register now to get the tour of your choice. Peruse the draft agenda, book your room, find a roommate or carpool companions (SEJ members only), advertise or exhibit. Thursday tour "Feeding the World: Big Ag, Big Impacts" will explore the successes and failures of agriculture and the implications for California and the U.S. Photo: Swiss chard harvesting, courtesy of John Chacon/California Department of Water Resources.

"L.A. Gas Leak Plugged, But California Pipelines Regularly Leak"

"The three-month natural gas leak that chased thousands of Los Angeles residents from their homes has been a major ecological disaster, sickening neighbors and pumping a potent greenhouse gas into the sky. But every day, pipelines across California leak tons of the same gas — methane — into the air."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 02/16/2016

Obama Creates 3 New Calif. Desert Monuments, Protects 1.8 Million Acres

"President Obama designated three new national monuments in the California desert Thursday, expanding federal protection to 1.8 million acres of landscapes that have retained their natural beauty despite decades of heavy mining, cattle ranching and off-roading."

Source: LA Times, 02/12/2016


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