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"OH Docs Can't Reveal Drilling Chemicals To Public"

"COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Doctors given new access to the proprietary chemical recipes that oil and gas drillers use to crack into Ohio shale would be prohibited from sharing the information with the public under an energy proposal moving through the Ohio House."

Source: AP, 05/24/2012

BP Agrees To Spend $400 Million To Cut Pollution at Whiting Refinery

"BP will spend more than $400 million to significantly reduce noxious air pollution from its massive refinery in northwest Indiana, the company announced today in a settlement with federal authorities and environmental groups that could set a precedent for oil companies nationwide."

Source: Chicago Tribune, 05/24/2012

"Detroit Oil Spill Remains a Mystery 10 Years Later"

"DETROIT -- The first call came in from one of the control towers at drawbridges along the Rouge River. It was April 10, 2002, and by the time the reports of large amounts of oil in the water reached U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials, the spill likely had been under way for at least a day. By the time the contaminated flows had stopped, as many as 250,000 gallons of oil had spread over three miles of the Rouge, into the Detroit River and been carried as far south as Lake Erie."

Source: Detroit News, 05/01/2012

Residents Fear Storage of Chemical Waste in Landfill Over Aquifer

"CLINTON, Ill. -- Fly over Clinton and the 266-acre landfill south of town doesn't look much different than 44 other landfills in Illinois.

But beneath its surface of inoffensive trash, the kind you put at the curb each week, are 4 trillion gallons of water used every day for public use, industry and irrigation in 15 Central Illinois counties.

And if ever the two shall meet, there could be trouble for the 750,000 people who rely on the Mahomet Aquifer, especially if Area Disposal's landfill starts accepting PCBs, a certain type of hazardous waste.

Source: Decatur Herald & Review, 04/30/2012
April 20, 2012

DEADLINE: Fellowships for Translating Science/Telling Stories: “What We Talk About When We Talk About Climate Change”

Journalists and scientists: Apply by April 20th for an expenses-paid fellowship to participate in this June 9, 2012 workshop in Cleveland, OH, co-sponsored by SEJ and the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at Michigan State University. Hear about the latest in Great Lakes climate research, develop working relationships with colleagues and counterparts, and take a seat at the forefront of envisioning a new model of climate change communication.


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