Great Lakes (IL IN MI MN OH WI)

"EPA Proposal To Cut Great Lakes Ship Emissions Stirs the Waters"

"An Environmental Protection Agency proposal that would compel [Great Lakes] vessels to burn cleaner fuel and upgrade their engines has sparked a furious behind-the-scenes lobbying campaign that has come to a head this week, pitting congressional Democrats against a Democratic administration as lawmakers allied with Midwestern and Alaskan shippers pressure the EPA to back down and protect jobs."

Source: Wash Post, 10/23/2009

"Obama Admin Breathes New Life Into Long-Delayed Great Lakes Restoration Program"

"EPA is rolling out a new package of restoration programs that could begin shifting the Great Lakes back toward ecological health. The program, known as the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, is backed by a $475 million pledge from the White House and House of Representatives, which approved full funding for the program in June."

Source: Greenwire, 08/14/2009


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