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November 2, 2012

12th Annual Great Lakes Water Conference

New international, national and state laws impacting Great Lakes water quality and quantity will be the subjects of this event, sponsored by the University of Toledo College of Law and its affiliated Legal Institute of the Great Lakes. The keynote speaker is SEJ member Tom Henry, award-winning environmental writer for the Toledo Blade. The conference is free to the public.

PBB: Michigan Chemical Plant Dumped Poisons, Impacting Town for Years

"ST. LOUIS, Mich. -- The sun sets through the clouds on a late summer afternoon, and a wind brushes through wildflowers on a 52-acre site wrapped by the Pine River, softening the sounds of children in a playground nearby. But the dead robins that drop in Teri Kniffen's yard around the corner and the signs scattered in town bear the evidence of unseen hazards, an alphabet soup of toxicity."

Source: Detroit Free Press, 09/25/2012

Ohio: "ODOT's Costly Clean-Up in Newark To Displace Families"

"NEWARK, Ohio -- Becky and Andrew Snedeker spent their first year of marriage living with her parents while searching for their dream home. They found it on James Street in Newark, but now the Ohio Department of Transportation wants to buy and raze it to clean up a known carcinogen in groundwater feet below their property."

Source: Newark Advocate, 09/14/2012


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