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Oil Spread on Kalamazoo River Appears Halted; Impacts Continue

One of the biggest oil spills in Midwest history seems to have been contained within a 25-mile reach of Michigan's Kalamazoo River. The oil has not reached Morrow Lake and its dam, which makes it unlikely to enter the 80-mile-long Kalamazoo River Superfund site between there and Lake Michigan.

Source: Kalamazoo Gazette, 07/30/2010

"Lead-Poisoned Kids Left Untreated in Detroit"

"Detroit's  anti-lead program -- beset with alleged shakedowns and bogus treatments, missing files, incompetence and mismanagement -- was upended last year after such scorching claims were reported in state and federal investigations." But efforts to reform it have left many lead-poisoned kids untreated and permanently damaged.

Source: Detroit Free Press, 07/09/2010

"Minnesota Releases List of 1,755 Harmful Chemicals"

"The Minnesota Department of Health on Thursday released a list of hundreds of chemicals that pose a potential health risk. The state's list includes 1,755 substances, among them lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. But it also includes many other organic chemicals that include pesticides, flame retardants, dyes and other chemicals used in industry or found in consumer products."

Source: Minn. Pub. Radio, 07/02/2010


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