"State Agencies Investigating Fish Kill On Black Warrior River"

"The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Alabama Department of Environmental Management are investigating a fish kill on the Mulberry Fork of the Black Warrior River, in the immediate vicinity of the Gorgas Generating Plant, a coal-fired power plant operated by Alabama Power."

Source: Birmingham News, 06/20/2016

Tropical Storm Colin Strengths Gulf of Mexico; Parts of Florida Warned

"Tropical Storm Colin has strengthened in the Gulf of Mexico and will bring the threat of heavy rain to parts of Florida and the Southeast Monday and Tuesday. This system was first named Tropical Depression Three late Sunday morning and strengthened into a tropical storm late Sunday afternoon."

Source: Weather Channel, 06/06/2016

"Coal Ash Cleanup At Grainger Site Results In Cleaner Groundwater"

"COLUMBIA, SC --  Since a power company began digging up coal ash from a leaking waste pond west of Myrtle Beach, arsenic levels have dropped dramatically in groundwater, according to an environmental group that pushed to have the ash removed."

Source: Columbia State, 06/03/2016

In Alabama, 100,000 People Told Not To Drink Water Due To Contamination

"A water provider in northern Alabama warned more than 100,000 customers on Thursday not to drink or cook with tap water, saying it could be contaminated with potentially dangerous levels of a chemical that federal health officials have linked to cancer, according to local media reports."

Source: Reuters, 06/03/2016

"After 30 Years, Apalachicola Water War Still Rages"

"In the U.S. Senate, Florida and Alabama are pressuring Georgia to join a water-sharing compact for the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint river system. But it could be too late downstream for scores of families who earned their livelihoods from the dying Apalachicola River."

Source: WFSU, 05/27/2016

"Rising Seas Push Too Much Salt Into The Florida Everglades"

"The Florida Everglades is a swampy wilderness the size of Delaware. .. But beneath the surface a different story is unfolding. Because of climate change and sea level rise, the ocean is starting to seep into the swampland. If the invasion grows worse, it could drastically change the Everglades, and a way of life for millions of residents in South Florida."

Source: NPR, 05/25/2016

"DEQ: Duke Needs to Dig Up All Its Coal Ash"

"DEQ says all Duke Energy coal ash waste must be dug up, but wants permission to be more lenient if improvements occur."

"State regulators have raised the risk designations for some of Duke Energy’s coal ash dumps, a move that could require 25 impoundments to be dug up by 2024.

Or not.

The Department of Environmental Quality wants the power to lower risk rankings in 18 months if the utility proves that coal ash is not polluting nearby drinking water and repairs dams at its waste sites."

Source: NC Health News, 05/19/2016


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