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"10% of U.S. Earthquakes Are in Okla. Is Drilling To Blame?"

"MARIETTA, Okla. -- The ground had been shaking for a week, on and off, when the biggest of the earthquakes hit. People here heard two loud booms. Then the picture frames started falling. Wendy Gillham turned to see her flat-screen television crash to the floor only a foot or so from her infant girl. Then she looked outside and saw her chimney in pieces on her driveway."

Source: EnergyWire, 12/03/2013

"East Texans Seek Shutdown of Pegasus Pipeline"

"GUN BARREL CITY — For nearly 83 years, Jim Howell was hardly one to cause a political ruckus. But this spring, he realized that a crude oil superhighway ran through his backyard — just two feet below his patchy lawn and seven feet beyond a newly built porch displaying a sign declaring 'cowpokes welcome.'"

Source: Texas Tribune, 11/12/2013

AZ Commissioner Probes Utility's Secret Funding Of Anti-Solar Campaign

"An Arizona utility commissioner is asking for all the key players in a debate over a solar energy policy in the state to reveal any additional secret funding of nonprofits or public relations campaigns. The probe comes after Arizona Public Service, the state's largest utility, admitted last week that it had been secretly contributing to outside nonprofits running negative ads against solar power."

Source: Huffington Post, 11/01/2013


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