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"Oil Industry Document Reveals Plans To Fight Clean Energy Initiatives"

"The West's leading trade group for the oil industry has collaborated with, and in some cases funded, an array of groups to combat what it calls "aggressive anti-oil initiatives," according to a presentation obtained by climate activists and shared with the San Jose Mercury News."

Source: San Jose Mercury News, 12/03/2014

"Asbestos Remains Legal Despite Fatal Illnesses Linked To It"

"Stephanie Harper of the North Texas city of Bonham was a daddy’s girl. When her father would come home from work — he was a handyman, a jack of all trades, doing auto mechanics, heating and cooling, anything — she’d grab him and hug him as hard as she could. 'I’d sit on his feet and grab his pants legs,' she remembers."

Source: San Antonion Express-News, 12/02/2014

"DuPont Plant in New Jersey Cited By OSHA Over Toxic Leak"

"Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials announced Monday that they have cited E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. for 11 alleged violations and proposed $120,300 in fines related to problems found after toxic chemicals leaked from a tanker truck in May and exposed workers to health risks at a Deepwater, N.J., plant that is one of DuPont's largest facilities in the United States."

Source: Houston Chronicle, 12/02/2014

Violations at Fla. Plant Highlight NRC Concerns Over Flooding

"On Jan. 9, a freak storm dumped a record rainfall on central Florida's Treasure Coast, inundating the St. Lucie nuclear power plant facing the Atlantic Ocean. Storm drains failed, and 50,000 gallons of water flooded the plant's Unit 1 reactor auxiliary building through improperly sealed electrical passages, disabling core cooling pumps."

Source: EnergyWire, 12/02/2014


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