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"Environmentalists, Utilities Eye Richmond Coal Ash Trial"

"Dirtier rivers or higher electric prices. That's what environmentalists and utility officials say is at stake in an upcoming federal court ruling in Virginia could have far-reaching effects on how energy companies dispose of coal ash waste left over from decades of burning coal. Spurred by high-profile coal ash spills and new federal regulations, utilities are grappling with the disposal of vast amounts of the heavy-metal-laced waste."

Source: AP, 07/13/2016

"The Hydrogen-Powered Era Is Almost Upon Us. But Is There A Market?"

"GOLDEN, Colo. -- Two months ago, the Department of Energy trailered in a white, fish-shaped, 210-square-foot house and a dark jeeplike vehicle to put them on display here. The vehicle had an electric motor, a battery and a small gas-fired generator that could power the house, and the house had solar panels integrated into its rooftop that could power the car."

Source: ClimateWire, 07/12/2016


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