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"Allegations Arise Of Threats Made By Top Fort Bliss Command"

"Some soldiers and their families have had to live in deplorable conditions at Fort Bliss, dealing with black mold, lead paint and asbestos affecting the health of them and their children. Now there are allegations of threats and intimidation by top commanders if soldiers and their families spoke out about the problems."

Source: KFOX-TV, 04/15/2010

"Saving A Dam To Save Waterfront Homeowners"

Across the country, aging dams are reaching the end of their lifespan, and must be either removed or rebuilt -- at very significant cost. One dam in Minnesota raises issues of public tax dollars being spent to benefit the rich -- and puts a political problem squarely in the lap of aspiring GOP tea-bagger Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Source: DC Bureau, 04/15/2010

"Obama To Propose $6 Billion NASA Budget Increase"

"President Barack Obama will outline a revamped space policy on Thursday that will use $6 billion in new funding over five years to create 2,500 new jobs in Florida with the ultimate goal of going to Mars." "NASA's earth science team would receive an extra $2.4 billion -- a 62 percent increase -- through 2015 to study changing temperatures, ice coverage, ozone depletion, and atmospheric carbon dioxide."

Source: Reuters, 04/14/2010


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