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Photographers Name the Top 40 Nature Images of All Time


To observe the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22nd, the International League of Conservation Photographers ( challenged its members to come up with the definitive list of the top 40 nature photographs of all time. 

Describing the effort as "both an honor and a tremendous challenge," the organization cautioned that "it may not be possible for anyone to create a definitive selection of the 40 best," but "we decided to try anyway."

"Gulf Spill Raises Questions About Role of Oil Consultants"

Consulting firms helped the BP and other oil companies draw up flawed drilling plans and environmental assessments -- which the Minerals Management Service, under pressure from Congress, the industry, and the Bush administration, then approved. While the Obama administration is cracking down on oil companies and federal regulators, the consultants who helped make the Gulf catastrophe possible are getting far less scrutiny.

Source: McClatchy, 07/16/2010


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