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"U.S. East Coast Braces as Irene Strengthens"

"Hurricane Irene thrashed the Bahamas early Thursday, with widespread damage reported on at least two southern islands.

It was a powerful Category 3 hurricane with winds at 115 miles an hour. Forecasters said the winds will ramp up quickly over the next day and Irene was expected to become a Category 4 storm with winds at least 131 mph.

Source: Wall St. Journal, 08/25/2011

"Environmental Law Violations Found at Scores of Tribal Schools"

"Hundreds of Native American children attend schools that haven’t properly disposed of hazardous waste, haven’t contained asbestos in heating systems, and whose water systems exceed the maximum allowable level for arsenic in tap water – conditions barred under federal environmental laws."

Source: iWatch News, 08/24/2011

"Fishing Gear Is Altered to Ease Collateral Costs to Marine Life"

"BOSTON — In the world of environmental regulation, where the hope is to write rules that both industry and science can live with, few areas are as contentious as fishing. Especially on the East Coast, fishermen attack scientists as mired in bottomless ignorance about how fish are actually caught. Scientists sometimes describe fishermen as racing to catch the last fish, regardless of the harm to vanishing species."

Source: NY Times, 08/24/2011

Obama Admin Outlines 500 Reforms It Says Will Save Businesses Billions

"Seven months after receiving an executive order to cut red tape, federal agencies today released their final plans for cutting burdensome regulations, unveiling hundreds of changes that are estimated to save billions of dollars and millions of hours of paperwork in the coming years."

Source: Greenwire, 08/24/2011


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