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Citizens Journalist and Citizens Scientific Redefine Disaster Story


Environmental issues related to coal ash, the voluminous toxic residue that's left over when coal is burned, are nothing new to reporters in coal country. See the Inside Story interview with Tim Thornton, formerly of Virginia's Roanoke Times, on page 20 of this issue of SEJournal for one example.

Black Carbon: A Key Cause Of Warming Not Well Recognized


Quick – after carbon dioxide, what's the second largest contributor to human-induced global warming?

It's not methane from giant manure pits and rice paddies.

It's not even a gas. It's a solid.

It's black carbon, a type of particulate pollution. Scientists say black carbon is a major cause of warming in the Arctic and the Himalayas.

The Biz: The Great Challenge: Getting the Climate Change Story Right


 Saving daily newspapers is all the buzz. The latest thing.

So too, of course, is saving the climate. From climate change, that is. At least it was until the global economy went critical. Now it's fallen somewhat. To, let's say, something-bazillion. At least that's how some commentators and would-be policy geeks see things.


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