All forms of advocacy, esp. environmental groups.

"Sierra Club To Engage in Civil Disobedience for First Time"

"How hot is the controversial Keystone Pipeline controversy getting? The Sierra Club is — for the first time in its history — going to engage in civil disobedience on Feb. 17 in Washington, D.C., which is also a day that greenies predict will be 'the largest climate rally in history.'"

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 01/24/2013

"Democratic Senators Pass Torch to EPA on Climate Change"

President Obama's vow to address climate change in his second Inaugural Address January 21 could actually prove more than bold words. Despite the failure of the 111th and 112th Congresses to pass a cap-and-trade bill or any other major climate change legislation, Obama clearly has the power to limit greenhouse gas emissions himself, using his Supreme Court-tested executive authority under the Clean Air Act and other powers. Key Congressional Democrats are urging him on.

Source: National Journal, 01/23/2013

Climate Change Inaction the Fault of Environmental Groups, Report Says

"A Harvard academic has put the blame squarely for America's failure to act on climate change on environmental groups. She also argues that there is little prospect Barack Obama will put climate change on the top of his agenda in his second term."

Source: Guardian, 01/22/2013

730-mile Oil Pipeline Threatens Land of Canada's First Nations

"Of all the Idle No More protests that sprung up on Wednesday's national day of action across Canada, what may have worried the conservative government of Stephen Harper the most was a gathering of aboriginal young men banging tribal drums outside a hotel in downtown Vancouver."

Source: Independent, 01/21/2013

Open-Access Science Publishing: Good for Journalists, and Good for Public

The suicide earlier this month of open-access activist Aaron Swartz brings again to the fore the ongoing difficulty journalists have accessing published scientific studies that bear on key current and future policy issues. Photo of Swartz, credit Flickr/peretzp.

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Climate Activists Turn To Persuasion, Prayer in Obama’s 2nd Term

"WASHINGTON -- Just before he and other environmentalists marched to the White House on Tuesday, climate change activist James Hansen warned he wouldn’t be able to be arrested with them this time. Hansen, a NASA scientist by day and an activist on his own time, had to be available for a press conference in the afternoon announcing that worldwide temperatures in 2012 were in the top 10 hottest ever recorded."

Source: McClatchy, 01/16/2013


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