All forms of advocacy, esp. environmental groups.

"Carson's 'Silent Spring' Spurred Environmental Movement"

"Rachel Carson wasn't someone you'd expect to spark a movement. She was a quiet, petite woman who grew up poor, lived most of her life with her mother and relished solitary walks along the beach, watching birds and fish. Yet 50 years ago Thursday, this marine biologist published Silent Spring, widely credited with spurring the modern environmental movement."

Source: USA TODAY, 09/28/2012

"Environmentalists Get Vocal on Obama, Romney Silence on Climate Change"

"A handful of environmental groups are amplifying calls Thursday for President Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to speak up on climate change after a summer of devastating drought, fires, storms and heat."

Source: Hill/E2 Wire, 09/28/2012

"Tar Sands Blockaders Arrested, Police Accused of 'Torture'"

"WINNSBORO, Texas -- Two anti-tar sands pipeline activists were arrested in east Texas on Tuesday as demonstrators continue a three-day-old tree-sit to block TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline."

Shannon Bebe of Dallas and Benjamin Franklin of Houston delayed pipeline construction for most of the day when they locked arms around construction machinery being used by TransCanada to build the southern branch of a pipeline from the Alberta tar sands to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

Source: ENS, 09/27/2012

"How 'Silent Spring' Ignited the Environmental Movement"

"On June 4, 1963, less than a year after the controversial environmental classic 'Silent Spring' was published, its author, Rachel Carson, testified before a Senate subcommittee on pesticides. She was 56 and dying of breast cancer. She told almost no one. She'd already survived a radical mastectomy. Her pelvis was so riddled with fractures that it was nearly impossible for her to walk to her seat at the wooden table before the Congressional panel. To hide her baldness, she wore a dark brown wig."

Source: NY Times Magazine, 09/24/2012
September 19, 2012 to September 25, 2012

Lewis M. Branscomb Science and Democracy Forum-Sept 19th, 25th

Join the Union of Concerned Scientists (USC) Center for Science and Democracy for a forum on barriers to citizen access to governmental scientific information. Attend the symposium via webcast or in person at the Newseum (limited seating) from 8:30 to Noon EDT. The session is free but requires registration.



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