"California Drought: Gov. Jerry Brown Proposes $687 Million Aid Plan"

"MATHER, Calif. -- Describing the drought as a 'call to action,' Gov. Jerry Brown joined Democratic legislative leaders Wednesday to unveil a $687.4 million package aimed at helping California get through its water crisis and better prepare for the next one."

Source: San Jose Mercury News, 02/21/2014

"Obama Announces Aid for Drought-Stricken California"

"FRESNO, Calif. — President Obama arrived in the heart of California’s parched farmland on Friday afternoon to offer tens of millions of dollars in federal assistance to the state, where the lack of rain and snow this winter has led to the severest drought in its modern history."

Source: NY Times, 02/17/2014

Farm Groups, 21 States Join Fight To Halt Chesapeake Bay Cleanup

"Attorneys general in 21 states are backing an attempt to derail the Obama administration’s Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan, fearing that the government will use that authority to regulate wastewater in other watersheds, including the Mississippi River Basin."

Source: Wash Post, 02/06/2014


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