Flying the Coop: Antibiotic Resistance Spreads To Birds, Wildlife

"One afternoon last winter, Julie Ellis unfurled a long, white tarp under a stand of trees near Coes Pond where hundreds of crows roost. Her mission: to collect as much bird poop as possible. Back in the laboratory, Ellis’ colleagues combed through the feces. Testing its bacteria, they discovered something unusual -- genes that make the crows resistant to antibiotics."

Source: EHN, 11/05/2013

"Heat, Drought Draw Farmers Back To Sorghum, The 'Camel Of Crops'"

"Much of the world is turning hotter and dryer these days, and it's opening new doors for a water-saving cereal that's been called 'the camel of crops': sorghum. In an odd twist, this old-fashioned crop even seems to be catching on among consumers who are looking for 'ancient grains' that have been relatively untouched by modern agriculture."

Source: NPR, 11/01/2013


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