"Downwind: Big Ag at Your Door"

Residents of Oregon's Triangle Lake area complain that aerial spraying of herbicides, which drift onto adjacent properties, is causing harm to their health and plants. The herbicides involved are atrazine and 2,4-D. For years, state regulators dismissed the complaints, but now neighbors have banded together and hired labs to do their own testing.

Source: 100 Reporters, 02/15/2012

Consortium Launches Web Site on Feedlot Air Pollution

The confidential National Air Quality Site Assessment Tool helps the livestock owner/operator figure out how changing on-site practices can reduce emissions of ammonia, methane, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, fine particulates, and odors. This may be useful for journalists; whether an owner/operator will discuss the details of their operation or not, there's a story.

Maryland: "Lawmakers Debate Ban on Arsenic in Chicken Feed"

"Chicken farmers nationwide have stopped feeding their flocks a drug containing arsenic since a 2011 government study suggested the cancer-causing metal may be tainting poultry, but Maryland lawmakers are still struggling with whether to ban the once-widespread practice."

Source: Baltimore Sun, 02/09/2012


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