"Critical Week for Farm Bill, Direction of Congress"

"This week could be pivotal not only for the future of the farm bill, but also the direction for the rest of this Congress."

Source: Progressive Farmer, 07/08/2013

"U.S. Weighing Increase in Herbicide Levels in Food Supply"

"WASHINGTON -- Environmental safety groups are stepping up efforts to prevent a reportedly dangerous yet widely used herbicide from being sold in the United States, even as the country’s primary environmental regulator is considering increasing the amount of the herbicide allowed in the U.S. food supply."

Source: IPS, 07/02/2013

"House Rejects Farm Bill as Food Stamp Cuts Prove Divisive"

"The surprise defeat of the farm bill in the House on Thursday underscored the ideological divide between the more conservative, antispending Republican lawmakers and their leadership, who failed to garner sufficient votes from their caucus as well as from Democrats."

Source: NY Times, 06/21/2013


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