SEJ Member Spotlight: Paula Crossfield

New SEJ member Paula Crossfield is a founder and managing editor of the Food & Environment Reporting Network (FERN), the first and only independent, nonprofit news organization that produces investigative journalism in the critically under-reported areas of food, agriculture, and environmental health. She is also a founder of Civil Eats, a national news site on sustainable food issues.

"Buzzkill: EPA Rejects Beekeepers’ Pesticide Petition"

"Beekeepers in the U.S., looking for a way to stop or slow the die-offs devastating their industry, are watching their options dwindle along with the bees. Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rejected a petition [PDF] that beekeepers and environmental groups filed back in March asking EPA to stop sales of clothianidin, a pesticide believed to be harmful to bees. EPA said use of the chemical does not present an “imminent hazard” — the requirement to suspend registration of a pesticide."

Source: Grist, 07/26/2012

EPA Withdraws CAFO Database Rule

EPA says it could instead compile a database partly from information collected by some states. But that information is often spotty and inconsistent — which will make it hard for EPA to compile it and even harder to make useful conclusions from it. And the withdrawal may make it harder to get the information disclosed.

"How Droughts Will Reshape the United States"

"More than half of the continental United States is currently suffering through the worst drought in 50 years, with heat and a lack of rain rippling through the middle of the country. Crops are wilting, soils are cracked, and some dried-out forests are catching fire. U.S. corn production in particular is dwindling. So is this a glimpse at our hotter, drier future? It appears so."

Source: Wash Post, 07/19/2012


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