"Analysis: Food Security Focus Fuels New Worries Over Crop Chemicals"

"Scientists, environmentalists and farm advocates are pressing the question about whether rewards of the trend toward using more and more crop chemicals are worth the risks, as the agricultural industry strives to ramp up production to feed the world's growing population."

Source: Reuters, 03/28/2012

"Overhauling the Farm Bill: Political Wedge Issues Slowing Reform"

"The Farm Bill is the Olympics of U.S. food and agriculture policy. Every five years or so this important legislation comes up for renewal and the games begin. The federal government awards medals in the form of billion-dollar budgets that will determine what foods we eat and how we grow them. The current Farm Bill is set to expire on September 30, 2012, and the debate over who will dominate the food system is well underway."

Source: Atlantic, 03/26/2012


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