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"Louisiana Refinery Air Violations Draw Largest Criminal Fine"

"LAFAYETTE, La. -- Pelican Refining Company pleaded guilty to felony violations of the Clean Air Act at its refinery in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and to obstruction of justice charges Wednesday in federal court in Lafayette. If the court sentences according to the terms in the plea agreement, Pelican will pay $12 million in criminal penalties, the largest criminal fine ever imposed in Louisiana for violations of the Clean Air Act."

Source: ENS, 10/14/2011

Before Obama Retreat on Ozone, EPA Chief Feared Illnesses and Deaths

"When President Obama retreated from a tougher stance on smog last month, his Environmental Protection Agency chief had formally concluded that the existing standard endangered thousands of Americans, including children and people with respiratory ailments."

Source: iWatch News, 10/13/2011

After 3 Decades, West Ponders Action on Cancer-Causing Erionite

"Mesothelioma, an exceedingly rare and lethal form of cancer, was once thought to be caused only by inhaling asbestos fibers. Then in the late 1970s, when astonishing rates of the disease were reported among villagers in central Turkey, it turned out that a different fibrous mineral was the culprit. Erionite was abundant in native soil and stone, and so easy to work with that villagers had used it to build homes."

Source: FairWarning, 10/10/2011


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