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Top 10 Endangered Southern Areas

The Southern Environmental Law Center's top 10 places in America's South that face "immediate, potentially irreparable threats in 2009" represent a cross-section of the major environmental issues facing these states.

SEJournal Spring 2000, Vol. 10 No. 1

In this issue: Smog lingers over Houston–media muddle Bush's record as air progress slows; Green space may calm and cool us; Journalists probe environmental justice issues; Land use in the West; The award-winning beryllium story; Montana mine's toxic legacy; Tracking campaign cash; What was behind EPA blackout? and more. Download the PDF here.

Energy Company Applying for Major "Incidental Take" Permit

A Fortune 500 energy company is applying for an "incidental take" permit that would allow it to kill endangered and threatened species that live on the largest swath of land ever covered by one permit.


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