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"Too Big to Flood? Megacities Face Future of Major Storm Risk"

"As economic activity and populations continue to expand in coastal urban areas, particularly in Asia, hundreds of trillions of dollars of infrastructure, industrial and office buildings, and homes are increasingly at risk from intensifying storms and rising sea levels."

Source: YaleE360, 12/18/2012

"Fossil-Fuel Funded Operatives Litter the Mainstream Media"

"Have you ever found yourself reading a news article or op-ed in which an 'expert' from a distinguished-sounding 'think tank' or 'institute' seeks to distort or attack climate change science or, alternately, decries public investment in clean energy solutions, and wonder in whose interest this individual and their organization is operating?"

Source: DeSmogBlog, 12/13/2012

"U.S. Agricultural Research Is Faltering, Report Warns"

"A blue-ribbon panel of scientific and technology advisers to President Obama warns that the nation risks losing its longstanding supremacy in food production because research in agriculture has not kept up with new challenges like climate change, depleted land and water resources and emerging pests, pathogens and invasive plants."

Source: Green/NYT, 12/11/2012

"San Onofre Nuclear Plant Operator Ordered To Turn Over Records"

"LOS ANGELES -- A federal board Friday ordered the operator of a shuttered nuclear power plant in California to turn over dozens of pages of documents that were withheld when the company submitted a plan to restart one of its damaged twin reactors."

Source: Huffington Post, 12/11/2012


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