"Fraser River Sockeye Face Chemical Soup of 200 Contaminants"

"Sockeye salmon are exposed to a soup of chemicals in the Fraser River, and some of the ingredients are accumulating to potentially lethal levels in eggs, while others may be disrupting the sexual function of fish, according to a scientific review conducted for the Cohen Commission."

Source: Toronto Globe & Mail, 05/12/2011

"Federal Budget Deal Slashes Key Community Water Funds"

A 14-year-old federal loan program, the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, has helped managers of community water systems like Steven Meade in Atlanta, Idaho, provide safe and clean water for their customers via loans. No more. Republican-led budget cuts mean Meade's community can't make its water fit to drink.

Source: High Country News, 05/03/2011

Multiple Sources Reveal Fracking Chemicals

New tools provide limited information on substances used in specific wells during the oil and natural gas extraction process called hydraulic fracturing. From 2005-2009, 780 million gallons of 750 substances were injected underground — a starting point for your coverage of this angle.

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