As Wash. Mulls Stronger Toxics Law, Residents Breathe Flame Retardants

"A new generation of chemicals added to furniture, building insulation and baby products like car seats to slow the spread of flames are escaping into air at higher levels than previously thought, according to a new study out of Washington state."

Source: EHN, 01/25/2016

Flint Water Debacle Raises Freedom-of-Information Issues

If the water coming from your tap is unfit to drink, you have a right to know. But the crisis in Flint, Michigan, is challenging that assumption. Meanwhile, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (pictured) apologized to the residents of Flint, and "pledged to promptly release his emails about the issue," according to the New York Times.

Mossville Community to Confront a Former Apartheid Company on MLK Day

Residents of the historic African American community of Mossville in southwest Louisiana plan to protest pollution from a chemical palnt nearby run by SASOL, a petrochemical company that helped prop up the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Source: American Press, 01/18/2016

"DDT Wars: Rescuing Our National Bird, Preventing Cancer, and Creating the Environmental Defense Fund"



"DDT Wars: Rescuing Our National Bird, Preventing Cancer, and Creating the Environmental Defense Fund"

By Charles F. Wurster
Oxford University Press, $24.95

Reviewed by BILL KOVARIK

In April of 1963, Charles Wurster and a small group of fellow scientists decided they would monitor a planned DDT spraying in Hanover, N.H. They hadn’t read Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring,” published the year before; nor had they looked at much of the scientific literature.

February 19, 2016


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