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Study: Developments Near Drying Forests a Deadly Combination in West

"As the climate warms, forest fires in the West increasingly will feast on acres of dry brush, growing into giants. In a cycle that will become routine, homeowners will flee, while firefighters will rush toward their houses — and away from areas where they could be putting out wildfires."

Source: Wash Post, 03/10/2014

Marcellus Energy Could Pave Over An Area Bigger Than Delaware

"Development of natural gas and wind resources in the Marcellus shale region could cover up nearly 1.3 million acres of land, an area bigger than the state of Delaware, with cement, asphalt and other impervious surfaces, according to a paper published this month in the scientific journal PLOS One."

Source: Huffington Post, 02/26/2014

WikiLeaks Exposes Secret Obama Trade Pact on Environment

Corporate lobby groups? Yeah, they can read it. Big campaign donors? They can read it, too. But can the news media and U.S. public read it? — No way! That would be un-American. Welcome to the secretly negotiated trade treaty known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

"American Cities Tapped to Spur 'Climate Resiliency' Action Worldwide"

"American cities on the frontline of climate action are quietly but dramatically shifting their approach -- from primarily trying to limit global warming to coping with its impacts. They're building forested buffers to shelter homes from wildfires, considering concrete sea walls to restrain ocean waters and developing software to conserve water during drought."

Source: InsideClimate News, 12/19/2013

Host City for SEJ Conference Maintains Sustainable Attitude

SEJ President’s Report


Chattanooga is much, much more than a train song.

It sings a more complicated and well-orchestrated sustainability refrain.

Fifteen years ago, when SEJ paid its first conference visit to Chattanooga, and sustainability was still a murky buzzword on its way to theoretical concept in many other American cities, this once tarnished “Buckle of the Bible Belt” was already on that track and well on its way to making it real.

New Homes Rise on Hazard-Prone Beach as Officials Seek Protection

"NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, N.C. -- A crane swung a new roof truss into place above a house being built on this belt of sand last week, helping to expand development on what some experts say is one of the most dangerous islands to build on in the United States."

Source: ClimateWire, 12/03/2013


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