Climate Change

NY Supreme Court Orders ExxonMobil To Produce Climate Documents

"In a loss for ExxonMobil, the New York State Supreme Court has ordered the oil giant and its accounting firm to produce documents subpoenaed in a highly charged investigation of whether the company concealed from investors and the public what it knew about climate change as long as four decades ago."

Source: Wash Post, 10/27/2016

"California Dairy Industry Faces Methane Regulation for the First Time"

"Despite heavy pushback from the state's livestock producers, California Gov. Jerry Brown last month signed a law aimed at cutting methane emissions from cattle operations, the largest source of heat-trapping methane in the country's biggest dairy-producing state."

Source: InsideClimate News, 10/25/2016

There Is Still Time: To Look at the Big Picture...and Act



"There Is Still Time: To Look at the Big Picture...and Act"

By Peter Seidel
360 Editions, $15


Environmental writer and longtime SEJ member Peter Seidel asks why humans aren’t acting fast enough to save the planet in his latest book, “There Is Still Time: To Look at the Big Picture...And Act.”


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