Climate Change

"When Is It Time to Retreat from Climate Change?"

"Isle de Jean Charles, a stitch of land on the tattered southern fringe of Louisiana, is thin and getting thinner. Battered by storms and sea-level rise, and deprived of revitalizing sediment from the Mississippi River, its surface area has shrunk by ninety-eight per cent since 1955, and its remaining three hundred and twenty acres can flood in little more than a stiff breeze."

Source: New Yorker, 03/28/2017

Climate Change-Fueled Jet Stream Linked to Floods and Heatwaves: Study

"When Michael Mann goes before Congress Wednesday to testify on global warming, he'll be armed with one more piece of evidence that greenhouse gases from fossil fuel burning are fundamentally altering the climate and leading to life-threatening and costly extreme weather."

Source: InsideClimate News, 03/28/2017

Clean Power Plan Undoing Has State, Regional Fallout

Rewinding the Clean Power Plan and its planned cuts in U.S. carbon emissions may not have the effect intended, reports this week's TipSheet. Why changes now underway in the electric power industry may have less to do with regulations than with the energy market itself. Plus, covering developments state by state.

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Trump Review of Auto Emissions Standards Upsets Deal

Has President Donald Trump really unraveled Obama-era auto mileage standards and the climate policy they supported? Far from it, explains our latest Backgrounder. Here's why true change on auto emissions will take much more than a presidential fiat. And get angles and sources to report the ongoing issue. 

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