Climate Change

"Trump Budget Would Wallop EPA's Climate and Environment Programs"

"Details of President Donald Trump's 2018 budget proposal, leaked this week, reveal that the administration appears determined to wallop environmental programs, including many that tackle climate change. It would cut Environmental Protection Agency funding by nearly one-third, slash spending on renewable energy innovation, and eliminate the Greenhouse Gas Reporting program, among other programs."

Source: InsideClimate News, 05/22/2017

"6 Ways U.S. Weakened Climate Change Language in Arctic Declaration"

"The U.S.-edited draft, obtained by InsideClimate News, shows how the Trump administration targeted climate actions. It's a strategy we could see in future meetings." "The day before the Arctic Council met for its biannual ministerial last week, the United States requested six changes to the intergovernmental declaration that was to be issued—each of which weakened the language on climate change."

Source: InsideClimate News, 05/19/2017

"Shifting Spring Weather Is Messing With Birds' Delicate Clocks"

"Timing is everything for migratory songbirds chirping away in North America's trees. If they arrive too late, they'll get only the scraps of spring's insect buffet. Plus, the best nesting spots and mates will be taken, leaving them with lackluster prospects for making baby birds. Arrive too early, and they'll face a hostile winter chill."

Source: Mashable, 05/17/2017

Scientists Discover Another Coral Reef Devastated By Global Warming

"As concerns grow over the condition of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which has endured widespread coral bleaching in the past several years, scientists are finding similar damage on reefs all over the world, including in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Now, a recent expedition to the Chagos Archipelago, a collection of at least 60 small islands in the Indian Ocean, has revealed devastating coral bleaching and coral death there, too."

Source: Washington Post, 05/17/2017

"Virginia Governor Orders Cap-And-Trade Regulation For Power Plants"

"Virginia's governor issued an order on Tuesday to lay the groundwork for a cap-and-trade system to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, saying it would 'fill the void' left by the Trump administration which has been rolling back federal climate rules."

Source: Reuters, 05/17/2017


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