Climate Change

Battle Over Washington State’s Proposed Carbon Tax Gets Even Weirder

"A carbon tax proposal in Washington state, scheduled for the ballot on Tuesday, has been drawing national attention for weeks as a result of the unexpected controversy it’s inspired among environmental groups, many of whom have outright opposed the initiative."

Source: Wash Post, 11/08/2016

Climate Change: "The Most Important Issue This Election Forgot"

"A hurricane floods two battleground states mere weeks before a Presidential election; its fury stoked by ocean waters warmed in part by climate change. Seems like a recipe for a question or two about the greatest environmental challenge faced by the U.S., an issue that starkly divides the candidates and their parties, no? Not in 2016, even when Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc in North Carolina, Florida and other places in the South less than 48 hours before a televised debate."

Source: PBS NewsHour, 11/08/2016

Exxon Tells Groups To Preserve Records Of Communications With Press

"Lawyers for ExxonMobil have told a variety of non-governmental organizations to preserve all communications regarding climate change investigations with a sweeping array of other groups and individuals — including members of the press."

Source: Wash Post, 11/04/2016


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