Climate Change

"China Looks to Capitalize on Clean Energy as U.S. Retreats"

"China’s devastating pollution problems began here, in coal country, where legions of workers toiled and often died to exhume the rich deposits that fueled the country’s sooty rise to economic power. Today, these muddy plains are home to a potent symbol of China’s new ambition: to bypass the United States and cement its dominant role in clean energy."

Source: NY Times, 06/06/2017

Dems See Political Opportunity In Trump’s Decision To Abandon Paris

"President Trump’s triumphant Rose Garden ceremony announcing his withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement sent a message loud and clear to his supporters: Promise kept. But the move also served as a clarion call to angry Democrats, potentially complicating the political path for Republicans facing tough midterm challenges and, ultimately, Trump’s own reelection bid."

Source: Washington Post, 06/05/2017

"How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science"

"The campaign ad appeared during the presidential contest of 2008. Rapid-fire images of belching smokestacks and melting ice sheets were followed by a soothing narrator who praised a candidate who had stood up to President George W. Bush and 'sounded the alarm on global warming.' It was not made for a Democrat, but for Senator John McCain, who had just secured the Republican nomination."

Source: NY Times, 06/05/2017


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