Climate Change

"Did Global Warming Intensify the Derecho in Washington, D.C.?"

"The June 29 derecho, which caused widespread damage in Washington, D.C. blossomed to full fury in a record hot environment. Could the heat added to the atmosphere from manmade greenhouse gases have provided extra fuel to this explosive storm?

The amount of energy available to this storm was extreme and, wundergound weather historian Chris Burt called the number of all-time heat records set around the time 'especially extraordinary.'

But as I wrote the day after the storm, connecting global warming to the derecho is a complicated and controversial question."

Source: Capital Weather Gang, 07/06/2012

"Hot Temperatures And Excess Pollution Put Children At Risk"

"Reports of infants and children dying in this summer's early heat wave have been documented in locales ranging from Kansas to Tennessee. And experts fear that increasingly frequent spikes in extreme high temperatures might bring such unwelcome news more often in the years ahead."

Source: Huffington Post, 07/04/2012

Scientists: Ongoing Weather Extremes Offer Proof of Climate Change

The bizarre weather of early summer in the US – from heatwave, wildfires, drought to freak storms – is just a sampling of what is to come for 2012 and a window to the future under climate change, scientists have said.

Scientists are wary of linking specific weather events to climate change, and this year's punishing heat and deadly thunder storms have been confined to the Americas. Europe, Asia and Africa haven't experienced severe weather this year – though they have in past years.

Source: Guardian, 07/04/2012

"Gas Planet: Is Gas A Bridge To Lower Carbon Future...or A Plank?"

"Natural gas is causing angst and excitement in local communities across the country, but the rise of fracking will have an impact on an issue that affects everyone on the planet: climate change. Gas Planet, a special hour of radio, explores whether unconventional natural gas can help or hinder efforts to solve climate change."

Source: Allegheny Front, 07/03/2012

"Heat Wave Sets More All-Time Temperature Records"

"With widespread power outages still plaguing a multistate swath from Indiana to Virginia after the severe “derecho” event on Friday night, the late June heat wave continues to make headlines. Numerous all-time high temperature records were set on Saturday, with additional records expected to be set during the first few days of July.

Source: Climate Central, 07/03/2012


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