Climate Change

"Analysis: Waterworld USA: Climate Harming Regional Waters"

"HOBOKEN, N.J. -- Rising temperatures and shifting, capricious precipitation patterns are affecting where, when, and how much water fills America's rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, and how water is absorbed to replenish groundwater reserves – putting tremendous pressure on communities and businesses who compete for that water."

Source: ENS, 10/31/2013

"Hurricane Sandy Hasn’t Shifted Climate Narrative"

"In the year since Hurricane Sandy struck the Mid-Atlantic, news articles have widely declared that the storm has 'changed the public’s view of weather threats' and that 'resilience' would be the environmental buzzword of 2013. That sounds all well and good, but are headlines enough to move public opinion and spark new discussions?"

Source: Climate Central, 10/30/2013

"U.S. Says It Won’t Back New International Coal-Fired Power Plants"

"WASHINGTON — In an aggressive move to impose President Obama’s environmental policies overseas, the Treasury Department on Tuesday largely declared an end to United States support for new coal-fired power plants around the world. The decision means that Mr. Obama’s administration will no longer contribute to coal projects financed by the World Bank and other international development banks."

Source: NY Times, 10/30/2013

Calif., Oregon, Washington, British Columbia Sign Climate Change Pact

"SAN FRANCISCO -- Saying that the West Coast must lead the way in battling climate change, the governors of California, Oregon and Washington, along with the premier of British Columbia, signed an agreement Monday committing the Canadian province and the three states to coordinate global-warming policies."

Source: San Jose Mercury News, 10/29/2013


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