Climate Change

"High Resolution Global Maps Show Increasing Forest Loss in Tropics"

"The first fine-scale mapping of global forest cover shows the rate of forest loss in the tropics has increased over the past 12 years. The use of remote sensing satellite data to chronicle changes in global land cover is not new. But in a paper published online this week in the journal Science, researchers provide an exceptionally detailed accounting of gains and loses in global forest cover from 2000 to 2012."

Source: LA Times, 11/18/2013

"Experts: Man, Nature Share Typhoon Tragedy Blame"

"Nature and man together cooked up the disaster in the Philippines. Geography, meteorology, poverty, shoddy construction, a booming population, and, to a much lesser degree, climate change combine to make the Philippines the nation most vulnerable to killer typhoons, according to several scientific studies."

Source: AP, 11/15/2013
February 7, 2014

Weeklong Fellowship for Journalists Focusing on Climate Change

Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting is accepting applications for its 16th Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists: Climate Change in Coastal Ecosystems. The workshop runs from June 1 through June 6, 2014 at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography, one of the nation’s premier oceanographic research institutions. Deadline: Feb 7, 2014.

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