Climate Change

EPA To Revise Climate Rule for New Power Plants, Require Carbon Capture

"This month, the Environmental Protection Agency will propose standards that will establish stricter pollution limits for gas-fired power plants than coal-fired power plants, according to individuals who were briefed on the matter but asked not to be identified because the rule was not public yet."

Source: Wash Post, 09/12/2013

Pennsylvania Blocks Report Criticizing Shale Gas

Under law, Pennsylvania was supposed to publish a report outlining climate change impacts on the state by Spring 2012. But the Department of Environmental Protection says it is still being reviewed, and nobody will say when it might be published.

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New Report Ranks Biggest Polluters In U.S. By Greenhouse Gas Emissions

"If the 50 dirtiest power plants in the United States were their own sovereign country, they would qualify as the seventh-biggest polluter in the world, according to a new report released on Tuesday. Those power plants alone emit more than all of South Korea or Canada."

Source: Huffington Post, 09/11/2013


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