Climate Change

"Climate, Food Pressures Require Rethink On Water: U.N."

"The world's water supply is being strained by climate change and the growing food, energy and sanitary needs of a fast-growing population, according to a United Nations study that calls for a radical rethink of policies to manage competing claims.

"Freshwater is not being used sustainably," UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova said in a statement. "Accurate information remains disparate, and management is fragmented ... the future is increasingly uncertain and risks are set to deepen."

Source: Reuters, 03/13/2012

Climate Change Coverage Not Only Dips in Quantity, But Also Shifts in Its Presentation

The Beat


Early in 2011, editor Douglas Fischer of The Daily Climate analyzed his news-aggregating website’s archives for 2010. Fischer, an SEJ board member, concluded that news media coverage of climate change had “slipped to levels not seen since 2005” and that “Reuters again led the pack” by publishing the most stories on the topic.

Va. Supreme Court Denies Cuccinelli Access to Climate Scientist Emails

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R, pictured at left), who avows himself a global warming skeptic, had sought from the University of Virginia grant applications by former U.Va. climate scientist Michael Mann, creator of the "hockey stick" graph, and emails between Mann and other scientists.

"Cato Institute Is Caught in a Rift Over Its Direction"

"From its perch in a spacious brand-new headquarters blocks from the White House, the Cato Institute has built on its reputation as a venerable libertarian research center unafraid to cross party lines. Now, however, a rift with one of its founding members — the billionaire conservative Charles Koch — is threatening the institute's identity and independence, its leaders say, and is exposing fault lines over Mr. Koch's aggressive and well-financed brand of Republican politics."

Source: NY Times, 03/06/2012

Ice Melt a Complex Key to Changing Global Climate System

Ice -- on both sea and land, near the poles and at high altitudes -- is connected in a number of ways with changing climate, as both a symptom and a cause. Several news stories about ice melt have come out recently. Charlie Petit at MIT's Knight Science Journalism Tracker has done a bang-up job of summarizing them. So we will save time and effort by linking directly to his work, which will richly reward the climate-curious.

"Scientists See Rise in Tornado-Creating Conditions"

"When at least 80 tornadoes rampaged across the United States, from the Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico, last Friday, it was more than is typically observed during the entire month of March, tracking firm reported on Monday. According to some climate scientists, such earlier-than-normal outbreaks of tornadoes, which typically peak in the spring, will become the norm as the planet warms."

Source: Reuters, 03/06/2012


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