Climate Change

"Leak Offers Glimpse of Campaign Against Climate Science"

"Leaked documents suggest that an organization known for attacking climate science is planning a new push to undermine the teaching of global warming in public schools, the latest indication that climate change is becoming a part of the nation’s culture wars."

Source: NY Times, 02/16/2012

Europe: "Snow Blocks in Tens of Thousands as Cold Death Toll Rises"

"Snow drifts reaching up to rooftops kept tens of thousands of villagers prisoners in their own homes Saturday as the death toll from Europe's big freeze rose past 550.

More heavy snow fell on the Balkans and in Italy, while the Danube river, already closed to shipping for hundreds of kilometres (miles) because of thick ice, froze over in Bulgaria for the first time in 27 years.

Source: AFP, 02/13/2012
March 19, 2012

Interfaith Climate and Energy Conference in Jerusalem

The Conference features world and Israel-based religious leaders speaking out on the ethical imperative and religious basis for action on climate change and use of renewable energy. Interactive, action-oriented workshops follow the main plenary session.

"Air Sampling Reveals High Emissions From Gas Field"

"When US government scientists began sampling the air from a tower north of Denver, Colorado, they expected urban smog — but not strong whiffs of what looked like natural gas. They eventually linked the mysterious pollution to a nearby natural-gas field, and their investigation has now produced the first hard evidence that the cleanest-burning fossil fuel might not be much better than coal when it comes to climate change."

Source: Nature, 02/10/2012

"Melting Ice Sheets Already Seen Driving Sea-Level Rise"

"As a satellite study released today by Nature shows, the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets have already begun contributing more to the planet's rising seas than the melting of ice caps and glaciers. It is a trend that overthrows conventional understanding of how melting is partitioned, while reaffirming that sea levels are rising as expected."

Source: Greenwire, 02/09/2012

"Low-Lying Louisiana Prepares for Sea Level To Rise"

"NEW ORLEANS -- A scientific report issued by Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration predicts that the Louisiana coast could see about 3 feet of sea level rise along the already low and vulnerable Louisiana coast by 2100 -- a prediction that leaves this Cajun coast drowning and under siege from storm surge for decades to come."

Source: AP, 02/08/2012


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