Climate Change

"Cool Roofs Can Offset CO2 Emissions And Mitigate Global Warming"

"Can light-colored rooftops and roads really curb carbon emissions and combat global climate change? The idea has been around for years, but now, a new study by researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that is the first to use a global model to study the question has found that implementing cool roofs and cool pavements in cities around the world can not only help cities stay cooler, they can also cool the world, with the potential of canceling the heating effect of up to two years of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions."


Can Technology Somehow Stave Off This Climate Mess?

Science Survey


Say "geoengineering" to most people, and few will know what you're talking about. Some wrongly associate the term with geothermal energy or green engineering, according to recent survey results from the Yale Project on Climate Change. That means we environmental journalists need to explain this subject carefully to our audiences.

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