Climate Change

"Smith Islanders Debate Buyout Offered By State"

"EWELL, Md. -- Superstorm Sandy barely laid a glove on Smith Island last fall, to hear residents tell it. Though storm-driven flooding damaged hundreds of homes in Crisfield and the rest of Somerset County, only a couple islanders got any water in their homes from the surging Chesapeake Bay."

Source: Baltimore Sun, 05/14/2013

"White House Arctic Strategy: What's Next for Oil, Gas Drilling?"

"The tension between conservation and oil and gas drilling is evident in the White House's new Arctic strategy paper. Shifting economic, climatic, and regulatory realities have contributed to what is at least a temporary pause in Arctic oil and gas drilling."

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 05/14/2013

Charles: 'Climate Change Sceptics Are Turning Earth Into Dying Patient'

"Prince Charles has attacked corporate lobbyists and climate change sceptics for turning the Earth into a 'dying patient', making his most outspoken criticism yet of the world's failure to tackle global warming just when the heir to the throne is assuming a growing number of the duties of what is supposed to be an apolitical monarchy."

Source: Guardian, 05/10/2013


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