Climate Change

New Federal Web Site Pulls Together Coastal Info

NOAA's "State of the Coast" contains both quick facts and detailed information regarding this 95,000-mile-long zone and all the players involved. It generally addresses longer-term issues, such as environmental degradation, climate, hazards, economics, and demographics.

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Extreme Heat Events Worse in Sprawling Cities

A study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives found that the most sprawling US cities have 2.6 times the risk of deadly extreme heat events than those with the least sprawl — regardless of the population, location, or rate of growth of an urban area.

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"Latin Americans Add Fizz to All Sides in 2010 Climate Talks"

"When Mexico hosts the next major climate summit this December, a new U.N. chief from Costa Rica will orchestrate the proceedings. Brazil will wield an influential role among large developing nations. Colombia will maneuver behind the scenes to find compromises. And Bolivia -- joined by Nicaragua and Venezuela -- will lead the charge for climate 'justice.'"



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