Climate Change

April 16, 2010

Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review Conference

Co-sponsored by the Environmental Law Institute and Vanderbilt University Law School, this conference will highlight five articles that address various aspects of the hottest topics in the current policy debate: climate change, translocal government organizations, nuclear waste, and endangered species.

"The Secret of Sea Level Rise: It Will Vary Greatly by Region"

"As the world warms, sea levels could easily rise three to six feet this century. But increases will vary widely by region, with prevailing winds, powerful ocean currents, and even the gravitational pull of the polar ice sheets determining whether some coastal areas will be inundated while others stay dry."

Source: YaleE360, 03/25/2010

"Obama Aides Meet With Senate Dems to Map April Strategy for Climate Bill"

"President Obama's top aides huddled yesterday with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Democratic committee leaders to map out a strategy for cobbling together 60 votes on a comprehensive energy and climate change bill once lawmakers return next month from their spring break."

Source: ClimateWire, 03/25/2010


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