Climate Change

"Greens Slam EPA Over Exemption for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data"

"U.S. EPA's plan to give businesses another three years to show how they calculate their greenhouse gas emissions will weaken the agency's new reporting requirements and could be illegal, environmental groups said before yesterday's deadline to comment on the proposal."

Source: Greenwire, 03/10/2011

"Shifting Spring: Arctic Plankton Blooming Up To 50 Days Earlier Now"

Global warming is causing dramatic changes in the Arctic Ocean. The earlier melting of annual ice is causing the regular spring blooms of plankton to peak up to 50 days earlier -- possibly disrupting the entire ecosystem of fish, shellfish, birds, and marine mammals that depend on the plankton.

Source: Wash Post, 03/07/2011

"Federal Jury in Utah Convicts Environmentalist" -- Movement Galvanized

"Environmental activist Tim DeChristopher knew what he was doing when he made $1.8 million in false oil and gas drilling bids at a federal auction. He knew he couldn't possibly pay for them. And he knew he could end up behind bars. But he did it for the cause. On Thursday, a federal jury convicted him on two felony counts of interfering with and making false representations at a government auction."

Source: AP, 03/04/2011


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