Climate Change

Fed Appeals Court Dismisses Katrina Greenhouse Gases Suit

Some 30 energy companies are off the hook for now. "So many members of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals have recused themselves from a rehearing of a lawsuit that charges energy companies with contributing to the effects of Hurricane Katrina by emitting greenhouse gases that the court cannot conduct the rehearing."


"Trading Places"

"As greenhouse gas levels and temperatures rise, seasonal events that species rely on are slipping out of balance. Consequently, many plants’ and animals’ neighborhoods – their ecosystems – are changing rapidly. These changes are challenging the ways in which we've protected wildlife and the ecosystems on which they depend."


U. Va. Fights Cuccinelli's Subpoena of Climate Scientist's E-Mail

"Virginia's flagship university went to court Thursday to fight an effort by Virginia Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli II (R) to get documents from a former climate scientist at the school, an unusual confrontation that will test the bounds of academic freedom and result in the college facing down its own lawyer in court."



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