Climate Change

August 17, 2011 to August 21, 2011

American Renewable Energy Day

Founded in 2004 as a one-day renewable energy expo, AREDAY is now one of the most important renewable energy technology and policy summits in the U.S. Featured speakers this year include Ted Turner, T. Boone Pickens, and Tim Wirth, co-chair of the UN Foundation, as well as some of the world's top scientists and high-level U.S. government officials who deal with sustainable energy.

"Galileo Movement Fuels Australia Climate Divide"

"Two Australian retirees invoke the 'father of modern science' in their fight against the hegemony of settled climate science. But their arguments - and the advisors supporting them - draw from a deep history of climate science denial and distortion."

Douglas Fischer reports for The Daily Climate August 16, 2011.

Source: Daily Climate, 08/16/2011


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