Climate Change

"Lawmakers Move To Restrain EPA on Climate Change"

As Congress has gridlocked on climate change, the Obama EPA has pushed forward to regulate greenhouse emissions under its Clean Air Act authority. Now some Congress members are proposing legislation to prevent EPA from doing that as well. The key question is how much support they can win from coal- and oil-state Democrats.

Source: Wash Post, 03/05/2010

"Study Says Undersea Release of Methane Is Under Way"

"Climate scientists have long warned that global warming could unlock vast stores of the greenhouse gas methane that are frozen into the Arctic permafrost, setting off potentially significant increases in global warming. Now researchers at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and elsewhere say this change is under way in a little-studied area under the sea, the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, west of the Bering Strait."

Source: NYTimes, 03/05/2010


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