Climate Change

Climate Think Tank Takes Money From Polluters, After Pew Funding Ends

"The climate change think tank formerly known as the Pew Center of Global Climate Change is no more, after the Pew Charitable Trusts pulled $3.5 million in yearly funding to the organization. That single donation, as the name of the think tank implied, formed the overwhelming majority of the group's funding, 80% (Economic Times)."

Source: Treehugger, 11/17/2011

"Climate Change Evaporates Part of China's Hydropower Production"

"SHANGHAI -- China has set ambitious goals for itself to develop hydropower to help mitigate the risks of climate change, but increasing extreme weather events likely rooted in climate change are now sabotaging the goals' foundations. The latest blow came in September, when many major rivers across China ran into an unusual shrinkage, with less than 20 percent water remaining at some stretches. As a result, the nation's hydroelectric generation dropped by almost a quarter compared with last year."

Source: ClimateWire, 11/09/2011


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