Climate Change

"Communicating On Climate Change": An Essential Resource for Journalists, Scientists, and Educators


 The science of climate change can be daunting. While the basic idea of anthropogenic warming is fairly simple and well understood, the mechanics behind it can be quite complex. Chemistry, physics, and biology all play critical roles.

Amid that complexity, public skepticism has flourished, especially in the U.S. As warnings grew sharper and other nations embraced ambitious plans, Americans remained largely skeptical of the basic idea that humans are warming the globe.

Climate Change Moves To The Front Burner At Most News Outlets



Global warming or climate change has been a topic simmering on the environmental journalism burners for quite some time. As 2007 began, it boiled over, becoming front-page news across the nation.

There was a steady stream of stories written about an upcoming report by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, then stories about what the report really said followed up by stories about possible regional implications.

Global Warming At Freezing Sundance '07



Without a doubt, Everything's Cool, a documentary on climate change, most aptly defined the 25th Annual Sundance Film Festival goers' experience in Utah's below freezing January weather. Record-setting temperatures dropped into negative double digits, an especially challenging experience for the usual hoards of film industry representatives and celebrities from Los Angeles.

How Many Times Did He Say "Global Climate Change"?


When Darren Samuelsohn heard "global climate change" during January's State of the Union address, he suspected it was the first time the president had uttered the phrase in his annual assessment of the country.

The Greenwire senior reporter verified his hunch by combing through the six others. And his story was the first to lead with that fact.

Climate Change Thawing Freeze On E-News


"All news, all the time" was the slogan of a once all-news radio station of my acquaintance. A quick Google search reveals that the phrase and several variations are still around.

Given the recent rise to prominence of the climate issue, even veteran reporters familiar with the often-surprising meanders of the environment beat's path may have wondered if "all climate news, all the time" could be the beat's future.

Climate Concern Sparks Surge In Green Building Designs




You can feel it the minute you step inside: the cool concrete flooring, oversized windows, neutral colors and low lighting provide a sense of open space and cleanliness. The modern-styled architecture seems out of place in Washington, D.C., especially on a hot, smoggy, July afternoon. I'm in Lake Tahoe, I thought, as I walked into the school building where my daughter's summer camp was held.

Climate Change May Help Us- But Not Define Us



It was all climate change, all the time – 24/7 as they say. SEJ's 17th annual conference, at Stanford University Sept. 5- 9, was a veritable smorgasbord, an unending feast, for those on the climate change beat. But only for those who actually wanted that particular diet, you understand. Dozens of ostensibly unrelated environmental issues – as well as the delicious "tools of the trade" sessions on new media and like – were addressed at the conference.


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