Climate Change

"A Climate Threat, Rising From the Soil"

The peatlands of Indonesia, formed over thousands of years, used to be a vast reservoir of carbon. But now deforestation has dried them out, and they are burning, releasing back into the atmosphere as much carbon dioxide as all the cars and trucks in the U.S. The question is how economic incentives to save the peatlands can outweigh the incentives for destroying them.

Source: Wash Post, 11/19/2009
December 1, 2009 to December 2, 2009

Growing the Bioeconomy: Solutions for Sustainability

The University of Minnesota's Extension and Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment are

hosting a 2-day event focusing on renewable energy opportunities.

"'Super Greenhouse Gas' Deal Fails"

"At little noticed talks last week in Port Ghalib, Egypt, climate advocates were hoping to seal a global agreement for the phase down of super greenhouse gases and give next month's Copenhagen climate talks a can-do running start. But the annual meeting of the 198 nations of the Montreal Protocol began on a note of contention that five days of discussions could not overcome."

Source: Reuters, 11/16/2009

"Leaders Will Delay Deal on Climate Change"

"President Obama and other world leaders have decided to put off the difficult task of reaching a climate change agreement at a global climate conference scheduled for next month, agreeing instead to make it the mission of the Copenhagen conference to reach a less specific 'politically binding' agreement that would punt the most difficult issues into the future."

Source: NYTimes, 11/16/2009


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