Climate Change

"Virginia Governor Orders Cap-And-Trade Regulation For Power Plants"

"Virginia's governor issued an order on Tuesday to lay the groundwork for a cap-and-trade system to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, saying it would 'fill the void' left by the Trump administration which has been rolling back federal climate rules."

Source: Reuters, 05/17/2017

AccuWeather's Barry Myers Emerges As Front-Runner for NOAA’s Top Job

"Nearly four months into his administration, President Trump has yet to name the next leader of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. But several individuals in the weather community say Barry Myers, chief executive of AccuWeather in State College, Pa., is the leading candidate."

Source: Washington Post, 05/16/2017

Obama’s Clean Power Plan Faces Newest Legal Showdown

"The litigious factions wrangling over the Clean Power Plan jockeyed for position in legal briefs filed at a federal appeals court on Monday, trying to gain tactical advantage as the Trump administration seeks to undo the Obama-era rule on climate change pollution from electric utilities."

Source: InsideClimate News, 05/16/2017

Earth Could Cross 1.5 Degree Threshold In Next 15 Years: Scientists

"Global temperatures could exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius above their preindustrial levels within the next 15 years, according to a new scientific study, crossing the first threshold under the Paris climate agreement and placing the world at a potentially dangerous level of climate change."

Source: Washington Post, 05/12/2017

"Tillerson Gives Nod At Arctic Meet To Climate Change Action"

"U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signed an agreement recognizing the landmark Paris climate accord at a meeting of Arctic nations in Alaska on Thursday, but said President Donald Trump was not rushing to decide whether to leave or weaken U.S. commitments to the pact."

Source: Reuters, 05/12/2017


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