"Federal Probe Finds Regulatory Shortcomings Leading Up To West Blast"

"WEST, Texas -- Although the cause of the deadly blast at West Fertilizer Co. remains a mystery, a federal agency on Tuesday said the tragedy was preventable, citing shortcomings in existing regulations and standards at all levels of government."

Source: Houston Chronicle, 04/23/2014

A Year After West Blast, Support for Chemical Safety Reform Uncertain

"A year after the West Fertilizer explosion, the nation is taking its first steps to repair the failed system for preventing chemical accidents. But whether the fixes will work, or even become reality, remains to be seen. Sen. Barbara Boxer, who chairs the Senate environment and public works committee, noted the disaster’s first anniversary with a call for action."

Source: Dallas Morning News, 04/22/2014

"Quake Risk Exceeds Licensed Limits at U.S. Nuclear Plants"

"Massachusetts Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren today called on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to direct the licensees of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Massachusetts and Seabrook Station in New Hampshire to immediately implement mitigation measures against seismic risks that were previously unknown."

Source: ENS, 04/21/2014


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