Deputies Blocking Media Access Literally Work For BP

News media and activists for weeks have reported how federal and local officials have barred them from reporting the Gulf oil spill story from public beaches -- even though they have a legal right to be there. Now Mother Jones' Mac McClelland quotes the Terrebonn Parish Sheriff's office saying some 40 of the deputies enforcing BP'S illegal ban are being paid to work in uniform for BP during their off-duty hours.

Source: Mother Jones, 07/01/2010

"Stormy Weather Could Delay Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts"

"In the Gulf of Mexico, Tropical Storm Alex is threatening to build into a full-blown hurricane. It could threaten the coast of Texas or Mexico, but at this point it does not appear to be headed for the blown-out oil well off Louisiana. Even so, it's quite possible that the storm could spawn 10- to 12-foot waves, which could sweep across the Gulf and complicate efforts to control the spewing oil well."

Source: NPR, 06/29/2010
July 20, 2010

Modernizing the NEPA Process in the Context of the Gulf Disaster

At this Environmental Law Institute event, a panel will briefly outline the NEPA processes surrounding approval of drilling for oil in the BP/Deepwater Horizon incident and then discuss the role of so-called "categorical exclusions."


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