"The Oil Plume Paradox" -- Conflicting Studies Frustrate Journos

"Pinpointing the amount of oil lingering in the Gulf of Mexico continues to be a source of frustration for journalists and scientists alike, with multiple, contradictory — if not necessarily 'dueling' —research reports having been published on the subject over the last few weeks."


Katrina 5th Ceremonies Mourn What Is Lost, Rejoice at What Is To Be

"With prayers and the solemn tolling of bells, but also with second-line parades and the drumming of Mardi Gras Indians, New Orleanians throughout the region on Sunday took stock of their rebuilt lives in the five years since the worst event in the region's history, and promised each other to keep the recovery going."


"White House Plans Katrina Anniversary PR Blitz"

"New Orleans is about to get hit with another storm, this one made up of administration officials showering attention on city's recovery on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. In a well-organized campaign to play up what the administration has done for the city and for the state of Louisiana, President Obama will cap the parade of top officials visiting the area from today to Sunday."



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