"U.S. Tsunami Warning System Leaves Coastal Residents Vulnerable"

"America's warning system for the series of giant ocean waves known as a tsunami is better than it was before the deadly 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but not good enough to meet risks posed by tsunamis generated near land that leave little time for warning, says a new congressionally requested report from the National Research Council."

Source: ENS, 09/20/2010

"Oil Spill Cleanup Producing Mixed Messages"

"It has happened three times in two months. First with Time magazine, then twice with the New York Times. A story in a national publication says the Deepwater Horizon disaster might not be quite as bad as everyone feared. Government and oil company employees nod their heads, eager to send the message that their cleanup efforts are succeeding."

Source: St. Petersburg Times, 09/17/2010


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