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"EPA’s Rule on Greenhouse Gases: Big Promises, Little Impact"

"WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Friday set the first-ever limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, but their impact could be minimal because they don’t apply to existing plants and there are few coal-fired power plants being built in the United States."

Source: McClatchy, 09/24/2013

"Federal Standards Needed for Safe Arctic Drilling, Pew Says"

"WASHINGTON — Hunting for offshore oil in remote and unforgiving Arctic waters requires vessels capable of withstanding crushing blows from icebergs, a nearby stash of emergency equipment and other specialized resources, according to a new report from Pew Charitable Trusts."

Source: FuelFix, 09/23/2013

"Air Pollution Destroys Health of Texas Fracking Communities"

"KARNES CITY, Texas -- In the five years since the shale boom hit, the once-beautiful hills of south Texas have been transformed into a scarred, industrial landscape. The residents’ health is part of the collateral damage, according to the environmental watchdog group Earthworks. Their new study documents hazardous chemicals in the air and serious ailments reported by families living in close proximity to drilling operations."

Source: ENS, 09/23/2013

Vaunted Study Finds Low Fracking Emissions by Skipping Super-Emitters

"The good news: A sample of what are probably the best fracked wells in the country finds low emissions of methane, a potent heat-trapping gas. The bad news: The study likely missed the super-emitters, the wells that are responsible for the vast majority of methane leakage."

Source: Climate Progress, 09/20/2013


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