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Faced With Spate Of Tremors, Oklahoma Looks To Shake Up Oil Regulations

"In the five years since earthquakes first began blitzing Oklahoma, state officials have been hesitant to agree with scientists who blamed the oil and gas industry. The shaking doesn't appear to be slowing, but the regulatory response is ramping up as more state officials acknowledge the link between increased seismic activity and waste fluid pumped into the disposal wells of oil fields."

Source: NPR, 09/17/2015

"Chinese Coal Data Cast Doubt on Historic Stalling of World CO2"

"When the International Energy Agency reported in March that global carbon emissions had stayed flat in 2014, even as the world economy grew, the news was hailed as a turning point in the struggle to curb climate change. But more recent data about Chinese coal consumption, seen by Reuters, raise doubts about whether that historic decoupling of economic growth and carbon emissions from energy use actually occurred."

Source: Reuters, 09/16/2015

"PG&E’s ‘Shady’ Conduct Hindered Probe, Investigators Say"

"Federal investigators complained that secret meddling, arrogance and 'shady' conduct on the part of Pacific Gas and Electric Co. hindered their probe into the deadly San Bruno gas pipeline explosion, according to new court filings that shed light on prosecutors’ decision to seek a criminal obstruction-of-justice case against the company."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 09/16/2015


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